Neo Blythe Doll Chicken Kigurumi Cosplay Dress


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This soft Chicken Kigurumi Costume is suitable for home, and sleep can be used as a carnival costume; it completely turns on your imagination and experiment. The material from which the Kigurumi is made is gentle Velsoft (based on polyester); it is distinguished by pleasant softness and lightness, which is explained by the unique structure of the material. A bright and stylish Kigurumi costume is a fashion hit of recent years, ideal for thematic celebrations and exciting photo sessions. Body-friendly material meets excellent design, so give it a try.

Neo Blythe Doll Chicken Kigurumi Cosplay Dress Remarks:

*Please note that only the Blythe dress is included in the price; you will receive one (1) pair of dress.

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